Is grit predictive for entrepreneurial success?

When we think of the archetype of a successful entrepreneur, we can easily imagine someone who relentlessly pursues their vision and overcomes any adversities to succeed.

Interestingly, grit is a character trait that comes close to this. It consists of two measurable components – perseverance of effort and consistency of interests over time – and was shown to be predictive for academic performance, retention in the military, and other situations.

The goal of this thesis is to examine the relationship of grit in the entrepreneurial context. Is grit also predictive for entrepreneurial success? Are grittier startup founders (or grittier founding teams) more successful?

This thesis topic is open. I am currently looking for motivated students to join this project.


  • Review of related literature
  • Development of study design
  • Data collection
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Critical discussion of findings

Preferred Qualifications

  • Interest in entrepreneurship and/or entrepreneurship education
  • Independent thinking and creative problem solving
  • First experience with statistical analysis (optional)

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