What impact does entrepreneurship education have on career and startup success?

Most research evaluating the impact of entrepreneurship education resort to proxies (i.e. entrepreneurial intention) instead of measuring entrepreneurial outcomes. The few results that are available provide mixed results. Recent findings have even called into questions whether entrepreneurship education can impact the founding rates of university students (Eesley & Lee 2021).

We have access to a unique dataset that allows us to investigate the actual impact of entrepreneurship education on the careers of individuals. The dataset comprises 1000 individuals who participated in an entrepreneurship education program during the last decade.

The goal of this thesis is to analyze this dataset based on LinkedIn and Crunchbase data and quantify the impact participation in the entrepreneurship education program had (e.g. career progression, founding rates, startup success).

This thesis topic is open. I am currently looking for motivated students to join this project.


  • Review of related literature
  • Curation of dataset (LinkedIn, Crunchbase)
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Critical discussion of findings

Preferred Qualifications

  • Interest in entrepreneurship and/or entrepreneurship education
  • Independent thinking and creative problem solving
  • First experience with statistical analysis

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