Development of a short scale for measuring Entrepreneurial-Self-Efficacy (ESE)

With entrepreneurial thinking becoming more important in today’s careers, there is an increased interest in measuring the impact of training and education. One measure commonly used is Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy (ESE), an individual's belief in his/her capability to perform tasks and roles aimed at entrepreneurial outcomes.

While several measurement instruments have been developed, a recent literature review by Newman et al. (2019) showed that none of the available scales has become dominant. While some scale measure ESE as unidimensional concept, others attempt to measure it as multidimensional one ending up with a long set of items (e.g. McGee et al. 2009 with 19 items). Long batteries of questions are arguably harder to use in research, which might be a reason why McGee et al.’s scale has not become more widely used.

The goal of this thesis is to address this issue and develop and validate a short scale for measuring Entrepreneurial-Self-Efficacy as a multidimensional concept.

This thesis topic is open. I am currently looking for motivated students to join this project.


  • Review of related literature
  • Item Development
  • Scale Development
  • Scale Evaluation

Preferred Qualifications

  • Interest in entrepreneurship and/or entrepreneurship education
  • Interest in scale development and evaluation
  • Independent thinking and creative problem solving

Related Work