Literature review: Advances in blockchain interaction design

Cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them, blockchain, have received increasing attention over the past years. While advocates of the technology see it as potential transformative, one hurdle for adoption and everyday use seems to remain: The usability of end-user interaction has been repeatedly found to lack behind.

The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research community a started to take interest in blockchain systems and address the prevalent usability issues. But can interaction design make a difference? In 2018 Elsden et al. presented a first typology of blockchain applications and research challenges for HCI. What has happened since then?

The goal of this thesis is to systematically review the literature and examine the progress interaction design research has made over the past years related to blockchain applications. What issues could be solved? What are challenges that remain open?

This thesis topic is open. I am currently looking for motivated students to join this project.


  • Systematic identification of relevant literature
  • Analysis of the collected research corpus
  • Critical discussion of findings

Preferred Qualifications

  • Interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and human computer interaction
  • Independent thinking and creative problem solving
  • Strong work ethics

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